What is
“New Innovative
Japanese Cuisine”?

We offer dishes
that do not use seasonings and additives
as much as possible with a original method bringing out the best in the taste of the ingredients.

thus, Express the “richness” and “mellowness” of the seasonal food ingredients
grown by the rich soil
surrounded by the sea in Japan.

Enjoy the deliciousness of the original Japanese food
that your body and mind will be delighted.

About "WA Nishiazabu"

Our Unique Method
“Minimizing Dishes”, not Adding.

We offer dishes that bring out the fully original taste of the food ingredients without using seasonings and additives as much as possible. Using only seasonal ingredients, we are serving dishes by a skilled French chef.

Commitment to Course Composition

We also take care of the course composition and temperature for each dishes.
A soup with seasonal vegetables, served as an appetizer, warms up the body and prepares to eat. With temperature control, we serve the best dishes without any unnecessary seasoning.


Sake and Tableware
Selected for Dishes.

We believe that a meal that can be enjoyed not only by taste and smell but also by touch and sight, is truly “delicious” from bottom of hearts. Our chef selects each sake and wine for each foods serving in “WA”.

And we serve foods with dishes that match the atmosphere and cuisine of “WA”, selected by ASANO GEJUTSU from over 150 manufacturers nationwide.

Our Chef Shinichiro Wakamatsu,
Pursued True “Beauty and Health”.

Shinichiro Wakamatsu, who has experience in France, serves as the chef of “WA”.
His craftmanship, which has been serving dishes with the theme of "beauty and health” to famous people such as the Japanese Prime Minister and his daughters, the French Prime Minister and famous designers, gives special dinner time to you.

Product Designer

"In order to enhance the completeness of the provided experience, I thoroughly considered the meaning of the dishes." With the full cooperation of Mr. Asano, who responsible for product development of traditional crafts across the country and carries out a wide range of design activities from daily necessities to food products, we are selecting food products that suit the space of the restaurant and dishes serving in “WA”.

WA Nishiazabu

18:00-23:00 (L.O. 22:00)
Laport Nishiazabu B1, 4-10-1, Nishiazabu, Tokyo, Japan
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